Flying chair ride for sale
18.12.2017 Flying chair ride for sale

Amusement Flying Chair Rides is a kind of rotating flight amusement equipment. From the top of the rotation of the broader market tilt rotation, the tourists ride in the hanging hanging chair, with the turntable rotation slowly rising, as if flying in the sky, and as exposure to the ups and downs of the sea, thrilling, fun! Take the new, magnificent momentum, spectacular, interesting, financial adventure and fun as a whole. Visitors in the hanging seat with the turntable tilted and the center of the relative rotation of the rotor, flying off, thrilling, personally try to experience its fun. Rotating a flying chair like a shaking his head under the umbrella hanging a lot of beautiful, delicate, safe hanging chairs, umbrellas in the rotation, the hanger in the air waves.

 Flying car ride for sale
11.12.2017 Flying car ride for sale

In recent years, there are many new types of amusement equipment, which are profitable to invest in amusement equipment. Flying Car Ride is a newly designed product, children like to play, with cartoon car styling, brilliant lights, beautiful music has attracted many children's eyes. Flying Car Ride is a small car FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), this material durable and beautiful. When moving, this rides can be rotated and raised and lowered. Children will find it fun and exciting. This playground equipment is newly developed, suitable for shopping, indoor, park funny amusement. The car is designed for the track, the dynamic decoration, the Flying Car Ride can swing on the track swing, the mini car will rotate 360 ??degrees, let the children feel very excited in the sport! My company develops and produces innovative products, selected materials stress, design novel, fine workmanship, quality and cheap, durable, safe and reliable, entertaining and so on. Mini Speed ???? is a collection of horizontal rotation and track gliding in one of the new amusement equipment, body appearance, beautiful, lifelike, bright color. Visitors in the ride, the cockpit level rotation, the body ups and downs in the track, the BMW car, there is a feeling of over mountains, both to stimulate a fun, accompanied by pleasant music and flashing lights, so that passengers feel Fun.

 Sky Drop Ride
04.12.2017 Sky Drop Ride

Sky Drop Ride is the emerging large-scale stimulating class recreational equipment in recent years, the popular index burst into flames, the trunk of the appearance of a tall cylinder, track attached around the cylinder, so that the cockpit climb. The number of passenger cabins varies according to design, with protective equipment such as safety bars and safety belts. The whole system has a sensor to detect the climb and descent speed of the cabin to maintain the normal operation of the entire machine.

 Viking Ship Ride For Sale
28.11.2017 Viking Ship Ride For Sale

Viking Ship Ride for places: playground, shopping malls, squares, parks, ecological areas and other concentrated concentration of concentrated public places. Viking Ship Ride features: 1, taking into account the child's interest and psychology, the design of the pirate ship rides from the cartoon character shape, colorful painting aspects of the start, so that the children happy to play at the same time fully stimulate the children belonging to the child really interested. 2, passengers ride on the pirate ship, with the slow to the emergency swing, like surfing in the waves of the sea, sometimes rushed to the peak, sometimes fell into the bottom, thrilling, highly entertaining. 3, the pirate ship rides is a horizontal axis reciprocating swing class classic recreational facilities, the pirate ship started slowly from the slow swing slowly swing, the passengers ride on the pirate ship, with the slow to the emergency swing, like to come to the sea of ??sea , Sometimes rushed to the waves, sometimes falling into the bottom, thrilling, challenge your psychological tolerance of the limit. 4, the pirate ship rides viewing car can not only be placed outdoors, but also placed in the room, more convenient than the general viewing car placed.

 bumper car ride for sale
24.11.2017 bumper car ride for sale

Bumper car is a highly mobile equipment,The intoxicatingly fun bumper car ride allows drivers to ram their electric vehicles into other cars without suffering any damage. Each car is surrounded by a large rubber bumper, so when other cars crash into it, the opposing vehicles simply bounce off. Some people also call the bumper cars some other names, such as bumping cars or dashing cars. Beston, as the professional manufacturer and supplier, produces different types of bumper cars for sale to meet different demands of different customers.If necessary, please contact us, can be customized

 Crazy Mouse Ride For Sale
18.11.2017 Crazy Mouse Ride For Sale

Large-scale amusement equipment Crazy mouse rides is a three-dimensional multi-orbital amusement equipment, novel manufacturing equipment, unique style, is a park necessary amusement device. Vivid imitation of the mouse agile and flexible features, and changed its dingy, beak monster gruesome appearance, transformed cartoon style, it is a favorite, but also help children regain the mouse, leaving a good impression on young tourists to Said that it can cater to the strong psychology of seeking stimulation and self-steering, and drifting about itself in a model car driven by a mouse. Therefore, the device has already been popularly sought after by tourists.

 Bumper Cars Rides For Sale
07.11.2017 Bumper Cars Rides For Sale

Bumper car rides is popular in the world of a recreational facilities, whether it is amusement park or square park, in front of this device to stay in the tourists have never been reduced, we can see this device in the hearts of tourists in the position. Battery bumper car put aside the shackles of the site, using the battery power supply. Whether it is a large indoor recreational venues, or outdoor playground, just the venue can be smooth, this battery bumper cars rides can adapt.

 Park control plane rides for sale
26.10.2017 Park control plane rides for sale

Park control plane rides by mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems, is a center around the vertical axis rotation, lifting the freedom of play equipment. Plane around the central rotary rocket, and gradually rising, visitors grip joystick random movements in flight, chasing each other, shooting, realistic image of the air war shot in the most pleasant, the play equipment is not only performance, simple operation , and new and innovative shapes, gorgeous and charming lanterns decorated, realistic and stimulating air combat sound effects. It has to drive the high-altitude driving adventure, the freedom of leisure, a tourist can control the movements of modern recreational facilities.

 Mini  Tourist train ride for sale
18.10.2017 Mini Tourist train ride for sale

The Mini Tourist train ride is a train that is very different from the daily travel train, mainly used for entertainment, because of the colorful appearance in the park, the attractions, the mall or the square where you can see the Tourist train ride . Travel train ride beautiful colors, modeling realistic, by the children's favorite, in the scenic tourist train rides can also be used as a means of transport, loved by passengers. The There are many types of trolley buses available for rent, railless trains, rail trains; you can choose the type of power, or coach type, electric or diesel powered, open or close the coach to choose the train ride to sell.

 Romantic Carousel Rides  for sale
09.10.2017 Romantic Carousel Rides for sale

Carousel Rides is a park, shopping malls in front of the common amusement equipment, carousel rides work principle: on the drive Trojan horse to rely on the rotation support to achieve rotation, while the horse up and down the swing is driven by the motor to achieve crankshaft. And the next drive carousel rides and anti-uplift carousel is to rely on the bottom of the broader market to drive the wheel link crankshaft to achieve the rotation and the horse up and down at the same time.

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