Date of publication: 08.08.2017

happy car, a new amusement ride for funfair and amusement parks which is suitable for different age group. It can be taken as a transportation tools in the large amusement parks or a playing toy for kids in the playground. The capacity of the le bar car rides are 2 person which is suitable for couples and kids with his or her mom or daddy. An attractive toy for people to playing with each other.

All of the structure are made of steel with high strength, better toughness which could enhance the load-bearing. As happy car rides works on the ground, they are safe enough for passengers. In the cabin of the equipment, there is a handle which could control the direction and speed by people. They could go with 8 directions and speed of the four directions, before, after, left and right, could be changed. This equipment could rotate with 360 degree. It is battery power with 12v and 250w. Large power with smoothly movement makes a happy tour for passengers.

There are three types of le bar car rides, battery charge, swipe and coin operated models. Battery charge mode le bar car rides could work when it is charged. The only thing passengers could do is sitting in the cabin and drives the ride. Swipe model le bar car rides need to use an IC card, after passengers has paid, equipment owners will give them a card. Once getting in the le bar car, people could swipe the card and then the ride will move, the only thing passengers could do is control the direction. The last model is coin operated model rides, it is easy, once you insert coins they need, you can drive the equipment freely.

Most of le bar car rides in our factory are equipped with an SD card and music box. During the driving, people could enjoy pieces of music. This equipment should be charge with 6 to 8 hours and works for 6 to 7 hours. It is easy to control and install. Anti-collision design, novel appearance makes this amusement ride more luxury and comfort for passengers.

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    Alison Sheffield- April 2016
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    Envir Amc- May 2016
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