Ride Pirate Ship
27.09.2017 Ride Pirate Ship

Ride Pirate Ship is a newly designed watch car amusement machine, is a swing around the horizontal axis of the amusement project, the game because of the same name and shape, "pirate ship rides" because of its appearance antique pirate ship name. Pirate ship rides shape for the American Indian tribal style. After the start of the pirate ship rides from the slow swing slowly swing, the passengers ride on the pirate ship rides , with the slow to the emergency swing, as if the stormy sea, sometimes rushed to the peak, sometimes fell into the bottom, thrilling, Challenge the limits of your mental endurance. Our company amusement equipment bright color, the appearance of realistic, cute eBay, loved by children and young friends, welcome customers visit our factory business negotiations, all play equipment can be customized according to user requirements for a variety of recreational equipment, but also According to the actual site for the customer to the overall design, planning.

 Amusement park rides for sale
19.09.2017 Amusement park rides for sale

Bungee Trampoline is one of the most exiting attractions on the market at the moment. It fascinates adults and children alike. It allows everyone (from 20 to 90 kg),even those with no experience, un-limited jumps up to the high sky, with no risk, which is not possible with an ordinary trampoline. Even peoplewith certain physical disabilities are able to use it. Let’s enjoy the jumping! Bungee Trampline Ridesdesign concept: 1. happy exercise, increase calcium absorption. Bungee Trampline Rides can increase the height of the trampoline, trampoline rides movement on the bones play a mechanical stimulating effect, can promote bone growth accelerated. 2. enhance physical fitness to help grow. Trampoline exercise can exercise children's limbs, increase muscle strength. 3. Create a safe and comfortable space. Trampoline for your children to create a safe and comfortable space, the child is happy to grow 4. To promote cerebellar development, improve the body balance ability. Trampoline can promote cerebellar development, improve the child's attention to learning, learning more attention, improve academic performance. Applies to: parks, playgrounds, shopping plazas, schools, gyms, private gardens.

 Purchase Amusement Train Rides, need to pay attention to what aspects
09.09.2017 Purchase Amusement Train Rides, need to pay attention to what aspects

Purchase Amusement Train Rides, need to pay attention to what aspects: Amusement Train Rides modeling: For tourists, the beautiful appearance of the shape, colorful lights and wonderful music is to attract customers the first element in the first time to give customers a good impression, in order to allow visitors to become your customers, the other modeling also have A certain meaning, people will be because of special meaning, such as will bring you good luck, so he will continue to try, and then become your stable source. Amusement Train Rides quality: To ensure that the normal operation of the train is the most basic, if the customer in your sightseeing car ride when there is a problem, this will certainly affect the customer to play the mood, this product is not good, so that will lose some old customers, so Want to long to attract customers, customers must believe that your product. Amusement Train Rides selection: Paint effect in the factory must be fresh, bright, light, glass steel products, only car paint can achieve such an effect, if the paint effect is bleak, work is very rough, wind and sun less than six months, certainly fade, because Early work is not done, the late effect must be poor. And the decoration of the equipment is full of fiberglass part, so this part must be fine, fine, bright. My company's main amusement train there tourist train, steam train, small diesel train, gasoline small train, mini-train, park a small train, amusement small train, Central Park, a small train, rail small train, trackless small trains such as landscape andamusement antique train, widely used and major tourist attractions, theme parks, city parks, high-end residential, Town Plaza, commercial Street environment. According to the requirements of the customer's size and style custom train model.Pure hand-made, made of environmentally friendly materials, unique creativity.

 Swept the world of bumper cars
04.09.2017 Swept the world of bumper cars

Bumper car ride is a highly mobile equipment, the body made of environmentally friendly glass steel products made of a molding, iron pieces of static spray paint, equipped with advanced sound, positioning, lighting, timing functions, bumper car colorful, easy to fade , With environmental protection, corrosion resistance and stability, better security, to adapt to a wide range of features such as the site, welcomed by the current market and children and adolescents favorite play equipment.
Applicable people: suitable for all ages
Applicable venues: squares, playgrounds, parks, shopping malls and other places
Bumper car is sweeping the world of a recreational facilities, whether it is amusement park or square park, etc., in front of this device to stay in the tourists have never been reduced, we can see this device in the hearts of tourists in the position. Battery bumper car put aside the shackles of the site, using the battery power supply. Whether it is indoor children's playground, or outdoor playground, just the venue can be smooth, this battery bumper cars can be adapted.
(Bumper Car Ride Supplier )According to user requirements for a variety of recreational equipment customization, but also according to the actual site for the customer to the overall design, planning.

 Amusement equipment Train
31.08.2017 Amusement equipment Train

Amusement equipment Train:
Equipment body shell with a new type of modeling process, each car has been crafted, coupled with the simulation of the decorative pieces, still Such as an art treasures. Plus cheerful music, the atmosphere is unusually lively, the theme is clear. Loved by the tourists, especially the children's favorite. Applicable to the park, indoors,Outdoor playgrounds and other entertainment venues.

 Customize all kinds of high quality train
31.08.2017 Customize all kinds of high quality train

Customize all kinds of high quality train.
After years of unremitting efforts and improvement, developed a bumper car series, battery car series, train series, turn horse series \ swing machine series \ fly chair series, track slide Line series, rotary series and electronic series of more than 100 kinds of recreational facilities products. Over the years in the customer and the industry are enjoying a good reputation and credibility. Company products do not Only selling the domestic market; more exported to foreign countries, and sincerely look forward to working with you for your cooperation!

 Le Happy Car amusement ride for Sale
08.08.2017 Le Happy Car amusement ride for Sale

Le happy car, a new amusement ride for funfair and amusement parks which is suitable for different age group. It can be taken as a transportation tools in the large amusement parks or a playing toy for kids in the playground. The capacity of the le bar car rides are 2 person which is suitable for couples and kids with his or her mom or daddy. An attractive toy for people to playing with each other.

All of the structure are made of steel with high strength, better toughness which could enhance the load-bearing. As le bar car rides works on the ground, they are safe enough for passengers. In the cabin of the equipment, there is a handle which could control the direction and speed by people. They could go with 8 directions and speed of the four directions, before, after, left and right, could be changed. This equipment could rotate with 360 degree. It is battery power with 12v and 250w. Large power with smoothly movement makes a happy tour for passengers.

There are three types of le bar car rides, battery charge, swipe and coin operated models. Battery charge mode le bar car rides could work when it is charged. The only thing passengers could do is sitting in the cabin and drives the ride. Swipe model le bar car rides need to use an IC card, after passengers has paid, equipment owners will give them a card. Once getting in the le bar car, people could swipe the card and then the ride will move, the only thing passengers could do is control the direction. The last model is coin operated model rides, it is easy, once you insert coins they need, you can drive the equipment freely.

Most of le bar car rides in our factory are equipped with an SD card and music box. During the driving, people could enjoy pieces of music. This equipment should be charge with 6 to 8 hours and works for 6 to 7 hours. It is easy to control and install. Anti-collision design, novel appearance makes this amusement ride more luxury and comfort for passengers.

  kangaroo Jump Rides for sale
04.08.2017 kangaroo Jump Rides for sale

The kangaroo jump ride, one kind of family rides which is frequently seen in amusement parks, is also called Kang’a’bounce ride for sale and really welcomed in the amusement parks. Modern has designed and manufactured the best kangaroo jump rides for sale in the foreign countries for many years and has achieved great achievement. Modern has been the top kangaroo jump ride manufacturer in China. Modern adopts the advanced bounce technology to produce the Kang’a’bounce rides and can bring the riders an unforgettable ride experience, which are greatly loved by children and adults. It is one of the newly designed and exciting amusement rides.

The kangaroo jump ride can attracts many riders for your parks. The cartoon characters of the kangaroo is vivid and lovely. This kind of theme park rides is suitable for both children and parents. The kangaroo on the rides not only can rotate, but also can jump up and down. The rides have a control box to control the speed and rate. Riders sit on the chair with the kangaroo shape and can have the feeling of jumping just like on a real kangaroo! After moving, the kangaroo will rotate and jump with the music. It is really an interesting amusement park equipment. The kangaroo jump ride can bring you overweight, weightless, centrifugal force’s process and let riders have the thrilling feeling and experience on the basis of guaranteeing the customers’ safety. Besides, the kangaroo jump rides from Modern are convenient to install and transport without making any foundation.

  Roller Coaster thrill rides  for Sale
28.07.2017 Roller Coaster thrill rides for Sale

Roller Coasters, one of the widely seen mechanical rides and thrill rides in the amusement parks, theme parks and carnivals,  are famous as the “The King of Entertainment Machine”, which is regarded as the greater and more death-defying thrills. As for many people, the roller coaster are the main reason or the only one reason to go to an amusement park. Some people call it the “scream machine”, because riders on the roller coaster ride can not stop to scream all the way. Speaking of the roller coaster, people should know the professional amusement ride manufacturer and supplier – Modern amusement, which is always in the leading position in this industry. Modern supplies different types of roller coaster for sale: backyard roller coasters, small roller coaster, large roller coasters. It can be customized into different model according to customers’ requirement.
How does the roller coasters work?
Firstly, we should know that the coaster has on engine and the car on the roller coaster ride is not self-powered. Different from what we all think, the standard full circuit coaster is pulled up with a chain or cable along the lift hill to the first peak of the coaster track. The potential energy accumulated by the rise in height is transferred to kinetic energy as the cars race down the first downward slope. Kinetic energy is then converted back into potential energy as the train moves up again to the second peak. That is to say, the cars of roller coasters are pulled to the top of the first hill at the beginning of the ride, but after that the coaster must complete the ride on its own. In conclusion, the roller coaster are driven by  the conversion of the potential energy to kinetic energy.

 Mini Swing Ride for Sale
21.07.2017 Mini Swing Ride for Sale

Mini swing ride, just like the generally swing ride, has many names, such as flying chair, chair swing ride, swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes or swinger. But the rides are the small models. It is composed of three parts: one central supporting column, top umbrella roof and chain chairs. When the mini wave swinger starts moving, riders can rotate and rise with the flying chair to a certain height. Riders can fly and tilt with the chair in the air. It is very interesting.
When you are looking for some quality mini swing rides with unique appearance and innovative designs, please contact us and check out the prices of mini swing rides.

Advantages of Modern Mini Swing Rides:

1. The swing chair ride is a exciting and romantic amusement ride which is very popular among the kids ,lovers and staff.
2. Equipped with gorgeous light, non-fading and durable painting and wonderful music.
3. High quality, safe and reliable, low maintenance and long service life.
4. The swing ride from Modern can be customized in models and sizes to meet the demands of customers.
5. Competitive price without any third party, standard exporting packages and quality after-sale service.

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