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Snookball CZ01


Snookball CZ01
Size:6.6*3.6*0.2m or 6.6*3.6*0.45m
Packing weight:330kgs/1100kgs
Packing volume:2.6/4.2m3
Products components:one snockball table, one tripod, one set balls with unique number(16 pieces), one piece of carpet
Application: Applicable to all kinds of indoor and outdoor games, fun games, cultural festival carnival, family fun day, wedding, garden activities, shop activities Opening and various activities of the warm field.

SnookBall is a combination of snooker and football, it is very interesting, because you use your feet instead of the club kick the ball into the bag. The campaign needs to be carried out on a huge billiard table where several players can walk. All the rules are the same as snooker, but you use your feet instead of the club.

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