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Tower Challenger Ride MFS52


Tower Challenger Ride - MFS52
Power:100kw / 60kw / 67kw
Rated load:36riders /36riders/32riders
Area:Φ30m /Φ26m /Φ22m
Running height:40m/29.5m/18m

Tower Challenger Ride is my company according to market demand, the recent development of a flying tower large-scale recreational facilities. Using the company's patented technology, the structure of the magnificent, simple and elegant decoration, amusement effect.
Passengers with the seat with a circular chain hanging on the turntable, with the turntable at the same time for the rotation and the upper and lower compound movement, so that passengers feel the centrifugal force and the operation of the fun of the fun. The patented technology changed the complexity of such amusement equipment, high cost and many other drawbacks, so that the purchase cost is greatly reduced, the operation and maintenance costs to reduce the young and old, entertainment, thrilling and irritability in one of the landmark recreational facilities The
The night comes, its towering tower, in the amusement park even more noble; colorful lights, with the passengers in the rotation movement, like a road rainbow when the dance, more gorgeous eye-catching, rich and colorful.
It will become a playground or carnival activities in an ideal amusement products. With the smallest operating costs, access to the greatest economic benefits.
The equipment to take full account of the actual needs of transport, installation and other aspects of the use of split structure, with high technological content, low operating costs, equipment maintenance is simple, safe and comfortable ride, the return on investment and other prominent features.

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