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360 Degree Giant Frisbee Ride MBP23Z


360 Degree Giant Frisbee Ride - MBP23Z
Rated load:23riders
Running height:23m
Speed≤ 8rpm
Rotation diameter:5.4m
Swing angle:360degree
Speed ≤17.8m/s
Area :14*18m
360 degree giant frisbee ride, in recent years developed by the operators and passengers welcome one of the recreational facilities. I am in order to meet the needs of the market, combined with domestic and foreign investment facilities such advanced design concept, the latest development of a fixed viewing car large amusement facilities. Its shape magnificent magnificent, convenient transportation, passengers feel the experience in the same time, more fully enjoy the heavy and weightlessness brought little shock. Passengers with the turntable at the same time with the swing arm with 360 degrees swing, so that passengers feel thrilling, exciting.
The equipment takes full account of the actual needs of transportation, installation and other aspects, the use of microcomputer programming PLC control, with high technological content, low operating costs, equipment maintenance is simple, safe and comfortable ride, the return on investment and other prominent features.

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