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Kids Train Tracks KTTZ05


Kids Track Train - KTTZ05

Track size:10*15m(can be customized)


Rated load:2000kg

Total Power:2kw

Rate load:14riders,the locomotive can load 2riders,the coach can load 4riders

Total weight:900kg

Track gauge:500MM

Min turning Radius:3.6m

Can add the coach

Color:can be made as you like

Luxury train animals, adorable, bright colors, and loved by children

Each driver runs simultaneously along the track direction of  aumomatic steering, The mini-

train is marked with a modern interchange track,with colourful lights,sound and children cartoon paintings, in order to make the children experience the feeling of time and space over the leap, it is very thrilling and with no sense of panic, it is well welcomed and enjoyed by children.

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