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Trackless Train Rides TAB04


42 seats Electric Trackless Train - TAB04

Commodity: storage battery tourist train(40+2 seats, one tractor with two coaches)

Dimension of tractor(mm):3950*1600*2100

Dimension of each coach(mm):3950*1700*2380

Wheelbase of tractor(mm):2380

Front wheel track of tractor(mm):1260

Rear wheel track of tractor(mm):1260

Total weight of train(kg):400

Top speed(when full load):25 km/h

Climbing capacity(when full load):10%

Brake distance(m)≥5.5

Motor power(kw):10

Transmission gear box:Three-Speed All-synchronous mechanical transmission

Brake System:Air over oil brake system, electromagnetic and hydraulic brake

Steering System:ladderlike structure steering system with full year accurate tracking function

Traction System:Ball seamless traction device

Color can be made as your like,has electric and diesel power can choose,has opened coach and closed coach can choose.

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