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2 Seats Water Bike WB02X


2 seats Water Bike - WB02X

Load: 2riders
Size: 1580*2550*300mm
Net weight: 85kg
Load weight: 400kg
Package size: 2600*1600*320mm
Material: PE+stainless steel
Water cycling originated in Canada, comfortable, safe, its seat height can be adjusted, handlebar racing type, easy to manipulate around the pedal, the pedal can move forward or back everything freely, if you feel the fatigue, but also stoppedfeet in the water "suspended", very leisurely. Riding the water bike is very lightweight, can reach 8-12 km per hour, but you need not worry about its security, it will never be "roll-over" dangerous, and there is no strict age limit, all ages. The water bike can be a single person driving.

Installation: easy to install a few minutes to complete. PVC material is more easy to carry features, is the ideal holiday travel play tools.

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