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Kids Inflatable Bouncers MHB18


Kids Inflatable Bouncers - MHB18

Customized:size & type
Using high intensity molecular composite PVC net clamping cloth, anti aging test passed, in line with international standards for EN-71 fire flame retardant, low toxicity and environmental protection standard of EU Roh, in line with the export standards around the world, by the Bureau of quality supervision and testing results show that this material on the skin without irritation, no toxicity in children with no damage. This material is a kind of professional inflatable cloth, cold resistance, up to - 40 degrees low temperature; flame retardant.
Features: This product has high wear resistance, tear resistance, tensile resistance, good peeling resistance, high air tightness, high strength, durable, easy maintenance.
Related parts: distribution of the corresponding fan, glue and repair materials.
Service life: can use eight to one hundred thousand people or so

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