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Modern Amusement Group Co., Ltd, have been focused on the indoor and outdoor amusement equipment manufacture more than 20 years, there are more than 200 types amusement rides under production, and the products have been exported to more than 100 countries. We have professional park design team, have designed and built theme park rides in more than 30 countries. We provide park project consulting service and free park design layout diagram. If you have amusement parks to be built, welcome to contact us, we will provide you professional suggestions. 
1. Amusement Park Design
Professional park design team at your service.

*Professional amusement park design team, experience and innovation ability are our advantages.
*Our core design business includes theme park design, indoor and outdoor playground, park master planning, family entertainment center and product details design.
*The park project design process includes
--Customer provide park project location,size(park land CAD).
--Confirm the amusement rides quantity for the park and the rides type chosen according to the age group and budget range.
--Confirm the amusement rides placement at the park.
--Make the park project layout diagram.
--Build the park rides models and make the park effece design.

<b>1. Amusement Park Design</b></br><t>Professional park design team at your service.</t>
2. Project Consulting
Provide profession amusement park building service.

*Park Positioning,When investing in an amusement park, you must first determine the age, group and source of visitors. This is the basis for address selection, product selection, amusement park design and investment scale.
*Park Address,Outdoor amusement park projects are gathering place as scenic spots, parks, and urban event venues. Indoor amusement parks the preferred addresses are large shopping malls, popular shopping malls and other commercial venues; Other places such as large transportation hubs, urban cultural and leisure sites are also good choice for amusement Park Project.
*Park Rides get to in line with project positioning and quality and safety. Then, make the product choice based on the function, capacity, attention, color, etc.

<b>2. Project Consulting</b></br><t>Provide profession amusement park building service.</t>
3. Ask For Free Layout Diagram
Provide the park design drawing including the 3D park design.

*We have professtional,young-talented,and experience senior park design engineers,have been finished hundreds of park projects design.
*Make park design according to the park theme, amusement rides choice, and the park land CAD.
*Make the perfect park project structure and decorative composition through the integration and realistic simulation.
*Provide park project design drawing for free.
*Build the park rides models, and provide the 3-dimensional park design renderings as requirement.

<b>3. Ask For Free Layout Diagram</b></br><t>Provide the park design drawing including the 3D park design.</t>
4. Installation Commissioning
Provide the rides installation instructions,support on site guidence.

*Modern amusement group have completed pre-sale and after-sale service system, provide high quality, fast and considerate service, including the detailed installation, usage, daily operation, maintenance instructions and safety regulations.Regarding the large amusement equipments, which are involved with the professional installation and guidence, we can send the technicians to the scene supporting you.We promise to test and operate all the equipments carefully before delivery.
*If you have any installation or operating problems, pls contact us freely.

<b>4. Installation Commissioning</b></br><t>Provide the rides installation instructions,support on site guidence.</t>
5. Operation and Training
Provide the park rides operation and training service.

*Modern amusement facilities are to provide the leisure entertainment, so safety is first. The operators should get related professional training and guidence. Through education conference, user manual, video and live etc.
*We will provide the comprehensive training guidance according with the different equipments. Including products training, operations, emergency procedures, safety education, notice points.

<b>5. Operation and Training</b></br><t>Provide the park rides operation and training service.</t>
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